Programs Overview

Center for Houston’s Future works to inform and engage citizens in the creation of Houston’s future, assisting the region in the development of a culture and practice of long-range regional planning, opportunity/issue identification, broad diverse community input, consensus building, and problem solving. Through Summer Salons, our Community University Programming, Summits, and Roundtable Discussions, Center for Houston’s Future brings business and community together to innovate for lasting regional impact.


Community University

Community University is an extension of the Learning Journeys conducted by graduates of  the Center’s Business/Civic Leadership Forums, where participants immerse themselves in key issues facing our city and region. These Learning Journeys provide valuable insight into solving some of our region’s greatest challenges.


Summer salons

Three times each summer, the Center for Houston’s Future convenes a breakfast dialogue on a topic of the highest importance for the region.


Dinner and Conversation

Every fall the Center for Houston’s Future hosts our Dinner & Conversation. We invite a nationally recognized guest of honor for an onstage, conversational interview before an audience of our region’s most visionary thinkers in business, government, and community to explore how we can encourage future innovation, continue to prosper, and share that prosperity across the broad spectrum of our exceedingly diverse population.