Houston’s Economic Future: Immigration

Looking forward, virtually no other region of the country will be affected by immigration more than Houston. Immigration and the integration of immigrants has become and will continue to be increasingly important to our region's future.

Given these significant demographic trends, this report elaborates on how Houston's economic growth is intertwined with its demography. We discuss how immigration has historically fueled the region's economy and why it will be key to our economic future.

Looking forward to Houston's 200th anniversary in 2036, we developed an economic forecasting tool to analyze how changes in immigration would affect the region's economy. Our findings confirm that curtailing immigration would significantly depress economic growth.

In addition to the forecasting model, the report also contains:

  • A brief explainer of our current immigration system and how these policies have shaped Houston.

  • A profile of the region's evolving immigrant population, highlighting how Houston's foreign-born residents are becoming higher-skilled and more integrated into the larger community.

  • An overview of possible local policies that could make the region more welcoming to immigrants.

  • Summarized findings from focus groups with regional leaders on the immigration-related challenges and opportunities their respective industries face.

We hope this publication will serve as a springboard for a community-wide discussion on how we can become a region where immigration is seen broadly as an economic asset. By acting locally to make the region more inclusive and immigrant friendly as well as building support for reform at the grassroots level, we can build a better future for our region.

You can page through the report here or download a copy by pressing the button below.