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Current Projects
The Center Knowledge Database and Research
The Center develops and synthesizes future-oriented research that focuses on the Houston region. The Center has completed research in several areas relating to the region's prosperity, including regional leadership, government cooperation, education, the environment, and infrastructure. In 2007, the Center partnered with Dr. Stephen Klineberg to release the first ever regional survey of attitudes and beliefs.

In February 2012, the Center released its Community Indicator Report on Human Capital Development and Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Workforce Preparedness. Read more about how the region is doing in these important indicators.

Additionally, the Center has completed its work on a Scenarios 2040 for the Houston region. The ultimate purpose of the project is to define the alternative futures, or scenarios that the Greater Houston region might face in the years 2015 to 2040. The unveiling of the final scenarios took place in October 2011. The scenarios are now being shown at roundtables around the region to spark dialogue and action around the issues that will shape our future.

Read more about our Scenarios 2040 Project

Click here to view a full list of research publications on the region.

The Center for Houston's Future Knowledge Database

The Knowledge Database is a collection of informative policy websites, divided into 3 tiers, that the Center for Houston’s Future has carefully reviewed as a part of the Center’s strategic goal of ongoing research.

Tier 1 websites are those that contain vast amounts of balanced and constantly up-to-date news and information on policy and research relevant to Houston and the specific issues it faces.

Tier 2 websites provide current information on more narrow topics. These sites encourage in-depth, progressive thinking in areas of policy that are important to Houston.

Tier 3 websites are sites which tend to be heavily biased politically but still present relevant information on policy.


Tier 1

Brookings Institute
Pew Research Center
Times Topics
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Center for Strategic and International Studies
RAND Corporation
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy
Urban Institute
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Post Carbon Institute
Houston Advanced Research Center

Tier 2

National Science Foundation
Policy Net
Resources for the Future
Envision Central Texas
Haaretz Daily Newspaper
UAE (United Arab Emirates) Interact

Tier 3

International Policy Network
Cato Institute
The Carter Center
The Heritage Foundation
The Manhattan Institute
Institute for Public Policy Research
Washington State Institute for Public Policy
National Center for Policy Analysis
The Century Foundation
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